Cash Out

Get a Cash Out Refinance at Record Low Rates!

A cash out refinance loan is a great way to get the extra money you need.  If you're reading this right now, you own a home.  It has some equity and you wanna access it, right?  Maybe you're convinced, with rates at record lows,  now is the time to get the cash before they go up.

If you're like most of our clients you're looking for cash for things like:

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Improvements
  • Pay for Education
  • Make Investments
  • Buy a Vacation Home
  • Or an Investment Property

Nobody can argue...

...with interest rates at record lows, it makes more sense now, than it ever has, to access your equity and do something meaningful with it.

Maybe you are in a better position to qualify for a loan now.  You are working again or you got a raise.  Your business is doing better than it has in the past.  Or maybe your credit score has improved and now you are ready to act.

But how do you get the best deal on a cash out refinance...?

I mean, why do some people have a smooth mortgage transaction while others don’t?

Some get the best rate. Pay the lowest costs.  Get great service and enjoy the process while others experience nothing but frustration and disappointment.

Such as numerous rate changes and higher fees than promised.  They walk away feeling disgusted with the whole mortgage process, right?


 Request a Call Back
with a Mortgage Pro!

NOTICE:  If you take just one piece of advice from our time together and you are serious about getting a great loan with a stress free process, here it is:

"If you choose the right loan officer,

you will get the right loan!"

The real trick is working with the right loan officer.   A loan officer who works with dozens of lenders and understands the ins and outs of the programs they offer.

This is the simplest, quickest most guaranteed way to get the best deal for you.

When you work with us, you’ll get a completely customized mortgage to fit to your exact needs.  You'll tap into over 100 years of mortgage industry knowledge and experience to get the best loan for you.

How do we do this for you...?

We work with dozens of the nations largest wholesale lenders to make sure you get the right loan for your situation.  You'll get access to the best mortgage products available in the market today, so you have options.

You'll also get access to the best rates in the nation and we offer no points no closing costs loans as well.  Pay less upfront.  Save more long term.

And here's what really sets us apart...

You'll get a few completely customized cash out refinance loan options that meets your exact needs.  You can review these sensible options and then decide what you want.

Keep in mind, I’m not asking you to decide right now...

In fact, I believe just the opposite.  Don’t decide too quickly.  I mean, how could I expect you to decide from only a visit to a website?

Instead, consider this my invitation to call us today. 

We'll invest a few minutes to get familiar with each other.  Then we'll be in a better position to offer you solid advice.  And you will be in a better position to decide if we are the mortgage company for you.

You'll get access to over 100 years of mortgage experience...

You can see how it goes.  If you like our approach we’ll take the next step.  We’ll complete the mortgage application and get your loan approved.  After all these years, it really is that simple.

If, for some reason, you're not ready to move forward after you speak with us, just let me know and there will be no pressure put on you at all.  We promise.

Is that fair enough?

If so, just pick up your phone and dial 781-878-4008 right now!

You can’t lose right?

At the very least, you’ll get solid advice from an experienced mortgage pro.  At most, you’ll get the opportunity to work with our team.  Yet most importantly, you’ll get the very best mortgage loan for you.

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