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Finding Commercial Financing Doesn't
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Commercial Loans are a Specialty Not Many Loan Officers Understand…

If you call ten local mortgage professionals and ask if they do commercial loans, most of them will tell you they don’t.  The few who say they do may have access to commercial loan products BUT…

…I would be willing to bet they DO NOT know the ins and outs of how a commercial loan works.  And more importantly, how to get a commercial loan closed at a great rate and terms with the least amount of hassle.

There are some who specialize but not many…

Don’t get me wrong.  There are a handful of loan officers who specialize in commercial loans but they are few and far between.  Why?  Because most loan officers are too busy with home purchases and refinances to care.

It may seem like a loan is just a loan, right?  Nope!  Not when it comes to commercial loans.  They are a completely different animal and need to be treated as such.

A completely different qualification process…

Qualifying for a commercial loan is nothing like qualifying for a traditional residential loan.  The qualifications and guidelines are unique.  If the loan officer is not experienced, you will surely suffer through the process.

This is one of those situations where being able to anticipate certain obstacles and overcoming them before they arise is crucial.  The loan officers that try to wing almost always ‘lose their wings’.

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You’ll get access to the most competitive commercial loan rates in the country as well as the lowest cost options you can find.

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