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Use a Rate & Term Refinance to Get a Record Low Rate and Have More Money for the Fun Things in Life!

Is Your Rate Higher than the Current Market?

If you’re like most of our clients who have a higher rate than the going market, you probably feel like you are wasting money on your mortgage every month.  Well. you’re right.  It doesn’t make sense to pay more than you have to, does it?  Especially when a rate and term refinance can help.

Since you’ve realized it’s time to refinance, the first question that probably popped into your mind is…

“How do I get the best rate?”

Let’s face it, you’ve got options.  There’s plenty of insta-quote lenders online that will try to lure you in with the best rate available in the country.  Sadly, you soon discover that less than 20% of borrowers qualify for those rates and you’re left feeling disappointed.  Why?  Because your expectations were set higher than the end result, right?

So why do those lenders advertise those rates?

They advertise those rates because they can.  If you fit the absolutely perfect profile for those rates then you’ll get the rate.  If not, they figure you’ll happily settle for something close to it if you’re saving money, right?  Maybe not.

There’s always the local bank right?

If you have a strong relationship with your banker then by all means keep it going.  Since you’re reading this right now, I would have to guess that’s not the case.  And the fact remains, less than 20% of borrowers will qualify for a loan from a local bank.

 Request a Call Back
with a Mortgage Pro!

Which means you have to go from bank to bank getting rejected until you find a bank who will give you the money.  By then you feel like a beggar, right?  We don’t want you to feel like a beggar.  You are a good borrower!

And chances are, you would give up before you put yourself through all of that anyway.  Let’s face it, nobody likes to get rejected over and over again.  We take care of that for you.  I’ll explain in just one second.  But first…

If the local banks and national lenders will only lend to 20% of the borrowers out there,  who will lend to the other 80%?


That’s right!  Wholesale lenders go beyond the scope of your traditional local bank.  They realize that’s there’s still an 80%+ market out there who need a mortgage.  The wholesale lender is there to fill the gap.  And we work directly with the wholesale lenders to arrange the financing for YOU!  Exciting stuff, isn’t it?

So here’s why working with us is different…

Custom Financial Mortgage is a ‘broker‘ which means we work with dozens of the nations largest wholesale lenders every day.  That’s why we are consistently able to beat out the local banks and most often the local brokers too.  We have a huge selection of lenders to pick from and shop to you.  In the end, you get the best mortgage loan for YOU!

Now, keep this in mind.  It’s one thing to have access to dozens of the nations largest wholesale lenders BUT…it’s another thing to use them efficiently to meet a clients needs.  To know the ins and outs of every bank and every program is tough work.  The reality is, some banks are more competitive for certain loan products while others are better for different products.

That’s why we are called ‘Custom’ Financial Mortgage…

Since we started in the mortgage business back in 1997, we have always been focused on one main thing.  To provide a customized loan solution to our clients.

From the moment I realized the power I have at my disposal, I have been customizing mortgage loans to meet your needs whether you are self employed, thankfully employed or under-employed.

Whether you are looking to buy a home, refinance a home or get a commercial loan, we’ve got a specialist in our office who can make it happen.  Someone who specializes in your exact type of loan and has experience to draw from.

But what about closing costs you say?

If paying closing costs just ‘isn’t your thing’, just take advantage of our No Points / No Closing Option and lower your rate.  Lower your monthly payments.   Don’t add costs to the loan.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that, your loan officer will take the time to get to know you and get familiar with your situation.  We’ll provide a few solutions and you can choose the option you like best.  Is that fair?

Oh I almost forgot…

We are ‘sticklers’ for privacy!  We keep your information extremely private within the confines of our office.  Our computer systems are setup with state-of-the-art technology to protect the sensitive data we handle every day.

And one thing we NEVER do is discuss the specifics of a loan with anyone outside of our team.  That’s a ‘No No’ and will never be tolerated.  So if you refer someone to us or if you were referred, we never discuss the details with anyone.

Keep in mind, I’m not asking you to decide right now…

In fact, I believe just the opposite. Don’t decide too quickly.  It’s not fair to expect you to decide from only a visit to my website?

Instead, consider this my invitation to call us today.

We’ll invest a few minutes to get familiar with each other. Then we will be in a better position to offer you my advice. And you will be in a better position to decide if we’re the right mortgage team for you.

You get over 100 years of combined experience…

You can see how it goes.  If you like our approach we’ll take the next step. Complete the mortgage application and get your loan approved. After all these years, it really is that simple.

If, for some reason, you’re not ready to move forward after we speak, just let us know and there will be no pressure put on you at all.  We promise.

What if you can’t qualify right now?

If, for some strange reason, we are unable to obtain financing for you right now because of credit or some other challenge, we will put a plan together with you to make it happen quickly.  That’s part of our service that sets us apart.:-)

Is that fair enough?

If so, just pick up your phone and dial 781-878-4008 right now!

You can’t lose right?

At the very least, you’ll get solid advice from an experienced mortgage pro. At most, you’ll get the opportunity to work with our team. Yet most importantly, you’ll get the very best mortgage loan for you.

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