"How to Buy a Home With No Money Down and Still Get Access to the Great Rates and a Nice Low Monthly Payment!"

So you wanna buy a home but…



You don’t have a down payment.  You realize home values are low and you’ve noticed how the interest rates are at record lows, as well.  You think to yourself, ” What a perfect opportunity to buy.”, right?

Well, you’re not alone.  The #1 reason people give us for not buying a home sooner is, “we don’t have a down payment”.  It’s common for renters to think they need $5,000 to $10,000 to put down.  And you did up until recently…

The Only 2 Sources of 0% Down Loans…

Maybe you were not aware that there are only two places where you can get financing with 0% down.  Both are great options with nice low rates and they are:

·       The USDA 0% Down Loan

·       The VA Loan 0% Down Loan

If you are a veteran, you may qualify for a VA loan with 0% down.  Just click the link above to learn more.

So you may be thinking, “this USDA loan sounds great but I am not a farmer!”…

No worries.  The USDA has expanded their lending over the years to help home buyers like you.  You don’t have to be a working farm to borrow money from the USDA.  In fact, their 0% home purchase loan is awesome.

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Here are some of the highlights…

·       $0 Money Down

·       No Mortgage Insurance

·       Low Conventional Rates

·       No Points / No Closing Option

The USDA loan is great for the renter or current homeowner who wants to buy a new home without having to put out too much cash to do it.  If that’s you, the USDA loan could be what you’ve been hoping for.

ATTENTION: 2 Requirements for USDA

·       The property must be located in a specific area determined by the USDA.

·       Your income must fall within a specific range determined by the USDA.

If you pass these two, it won’t be long before you will be a homeowner.

Now keep in mind, the area for USDA is surprisingly large.  Most people feel a bit discouraged when they learn that this loan may only be written in specific locations.  Don’t be.

When you think about what you get with this loan, it’s worth the slight inconvenience to make it happen, isn’t it?  I guess it just comes down to how bad you want it.

A ‘Dream Maker’ for the Buyer with No Money Down…

The USDA loan really is a dream maker for the buyer with no down payment.  The only thing you care about at the end of the day is taking ownership of your new home.

Of course, you want a great rate, low costs and a nice affordable payment which come along with the USDA loan too.  My point is, when you think about home ownership, you probably think about enjoying the home, right?

So let’s go enjoy your new home…

YOU have to take the first step.  Nobody can do that for you.  If you want it bad enough you’ll do it.  If not, you won’t.  It really is that simple, isn’t it?  Well, yes and no.

The first step is just that…the ‘first’ step.

Once you’ve decided it’s time to make something happen you’ll need a pro mortgage team on your side, right?  A team who understands the ins and outs of the USDA loan.  A team that will guide you step by step the whole way.

Remember how I said there are 2 main requirements?

Call us today and within a few minutes you’ll know if the USDA loan will work for you.  There’s no cost or obligation to speak with a USDA specialist.  You’ll get the answers you need then you can decide what you want to do.

When you choose CFM, you will get the personalized service you deserve. You will enjoy how we take the time to get to know you and your situation. Then present you with options that make sense for YOU! Plus…

We Answer Every Call!

We guaranty, when you call our office during normal business hours, someone will be available to take your call. In fact, most of our happiest clients tell us that our availability is one of the things they enjoy most when they work with us.

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